The offer of services

In collaboration with your consultants


  • Analysis of your project
  • Analysis of income from sports activities in France and abroad
  • Recommendations

Set-up BNC

  • Creation of the BNC activity
  • Accounting and tax management of BNC activity

Set-up company

  • Setting:
    “rent a star system”
  • Creation of an ad hoc commercial structure
    (eg image company)

Foundation Pack

  • Social insurance and insurance to put in place
  • Estimated annual budget for the various activities, determination of remuneration and forecast taxation

Individual activity

  • Optimization of the income classification (Salary, BNC, endorsement, etc.)
  • Treatment and management of source deductions
  • Return of income
  • IFI declaration
  • Tax optimization art 84 and 100 bis of the CGI

Image company

  • Book keeping (including billing and withholding)
  • Preparation of tax declarations in progress and end of year
  • Establishment of social elements (pay slips, social declarations) in progress and end of year
  • Establishment of the annual accounts,
  • Current advice on tax optimization, social and overall revenue optimization.