Music Industry

All the business lines and business sectors have special features. It is highly recommended to have an accountant and, when appropriate, an auditor with real experience in the area concerned.

This is particularly true of the music sector, because of the diversity of stakeholders and contracts and the near absence of accounting and tax documentation on this subject.

Apart from the classic missions that a chartered accountant or an auditor can provide to all of their clients, we have developed specific know-how in the following areas and have adapted them to the specificities of music (production, publishing, terrestrial or on-line distribution, live shows, theaters, managers …). We also work on behalf of civil companies in the sector, as well as in the context of acquisition audits for very large companies in the sector.

Management control

  • Economic analysis of the accounting result
  • Profitability forecast
  • Cash flow forecast and determination of working capital requirements
  • Periodic reporting
  • Business plan
  • Tax planning


  • Bank loan file, including IFCIC Advance Fund
  • Tax file production and promotion music (20% of your expenses)
  • Grant files (production, publishing, distribution, show …)
  • Transmission of the company to employees or family (LBO)
  • Financial and fiscal optimization within groups
  • Sale and acquisition of businesses
  • Sale and acquisition of phonographic or editorial catalogs
  • Bankruptcy and recovery plan

Specific missions

Other missions specific to the musical sector
  • Establishment of royalty statements
  • Audits of royalties (on behalf of a producer at a distributor, artist at a producer …)
  • Pay for intermittent show
  • Tax (especially income tax) and social statements of artists
  • Business acquisition audits
  • Evaluations of editorial and phonographic catalogs